Special Projects for Schools

Special projects provide clean water, develop solar energy, construct classrooms and dormitories to improve the quality of life for young people in the region. COHF has helped to create a good environment in the schools which is producing outstanding academic success for our students and their classmates. This brings joy and hope for the whole school community.

Health Care Projects

Most people who live in the Dioceses of Rulenge-Ngara and Kayanga do not have access to medical care. We provide funding for projects to improve the health of people living in this very rural and poor region.

Current Project Needs

Kitchen/Dining Hall for St. Augustine Primary School

St. Augustine Primary School is the poorest school where we have sponsored students. A few years ago the school was in crisis with a lack of water and adequate sanitation. The government said they would be shut down. COHF provided a large water tank, bathrooms and good sanitation. Since then the school has grown in numbers and now has 375 students. They were able to build a temporary kitchen and dining hall but again it is not adequate and considered a health risk, especially during the rainy season. The government will not allow the school to continue as a boarding school without an adequate cooking facility and a place for students to eat their meals. 

COHF was able to contribute $10,000 toward starting the project. The remaining cost of the project is $33,552.  Although a building project is more difficult to fund, it is necessary to keep the school in operation. St. Augustine is the only Catholic primary school in this very poor remote area.

Projects Funded Through Children of Hope and Faith

Water Projects

Access to a clean and adequate water supply is a huge basic need for the people in Tanzania. Schools and health care facilities are in desperate need of a reliable source of water for drinking, cooking, good hygiene, and sanitation. The lack of water poses serious health risks from water borne diseases and unsanitary conditions. We have funded numerous water projects through the years including our “Give Drink To The Thirsty” Lenten Projects. Large above ground or underground water tanks are constructed or renovated to harvest and store rainwater. With developments in technology, we are also starting to fund the digging of wells to provide a supply of water.

Solar Energy Projects

A lack of renewable energy is a fundamental problem in rural Tanzania. Some communities can obtain electricity through the government, but it is very unreliable and sporadic. Prior to our help with solar energy projects, some students used kerosene lamps after dark. Solar energy provides a reliable source of electricity to create a safer school environment and enable students to study after dark. It also helps the administration, teachers and the use of computers during the day. Solar energy for health centers aids in the use of medical equipment and the delivery of babies and other health care needs after dark.


The education policy in Tanzania has mandated every primary school to have a two-year kindergarten program to prepare children for 1st grade. The schools needed help to build the classrooms!


The schools where we have sponsored children are in rural areas and are boarding schools. The students must have a place to live, and they stay in dormitories. As the number of students increases so does the need for dormitories.


There is a severe lack of basic health care in the communities we serve. Women still die in childbirth and children die of malnutrition and treatable childhood diseases. Health care projects provide life-saving medicine and medical equipment. Our Outreach Program supports visiting nurses to remote and very poor villages. They provide health education, monitor for malnutrition, and give basic medical care. A very important aspect of our support of health care is the sponsorship of our students in nursing and medical schools to provide trained health care personnel.

Hands for Hope

Sr. Hyasintha, a Franciscan Sister of St. Bernadette, started the Hands for Hope program to help at-risk youth who are not able to receive a secondary (high) school education for various reasons. The young people are trained in tailoring, cake baking and decorating for special events, gardening, and life skills. The students learn how to sell their products at the market and earn an income. The program has grown to include training to assist the elderly with basic home care. This benefits the lives of older people who suffer from lack of services and basic necessities.