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Children of Hope and Faith is a personalized sponsorship program enabling you to provide a Catholic education for an orphan or needy child in the Rulenge-Ngara and Kayanga Dioceses in Tanzania, East Africa.

Plight of the Orphaned Children of Tanzania

There are millions of orphans worldwide and at least 2 million in Tanzania alone. Orphans are particularly vulnerable both materially and spiritually. If an orphan survives until school age, the most determining factor for their future is a good education. An African saying goes, “Education is the key of life.”

You can give hope to a child for a promising future.

We're Helping Children Thrive

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St. Bonaventure Primary School


St. Bonaventure Primary School


St. Severine Primary School


St. Bonaventure Primary School


St. Bonaventure Primary School


St. Augustine Kaisho Secondary School


St. Augustine Kaisho Secondary School


Lukole Secondary School


Manyunyu Girls' Secondary School


Rubya School of Medicine

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Your Impact Towards Education

The Catholic schools where children are sponsored are boarding schools, which is an ideal situation for orphans. All the needs of the children are provided for the academic year, including a quality education, a safe place to live, clean water and nutritious meals. The Catholic primary schools and secondary schools are “English medium schools,” which means that they teach in English. This is a huge advantage, because students fluent in English have a better chance at succeeding and reaching their full potential.

In Tanzania, primary schools include kindergarten (2-year program) and grades 1-7 and secondary schools are 4-6 years depending on the next step in the child’s education. Children of Hope and Faith is unique in providing young people the opportunity for post-secondary education. The cost of technical school or college is not more than twice the cost of secondary education. This enables young people to become leaders in their communities and gain good employment, which will provide for their families and break the cycle of poverty.  We give our sponsors the option of continuing sponsorship for higher education or stopping when they graduate from secondary school. If the sponsor is not able to continue after secondary school, then we try to find another sponsor or they are put on scholarship.

The Cost of Sponsorship

The cost of sponsoring a child to a Catholic primary school or secondary school is $67/month or $800/year.

The direct coordination between the Development Office of the Dioceses and the Catholic schools ensures 100% of your sponsorship benefits the education of your sponsored child. Please note, we welcome half sponsorships!

We will work with you to determine a payment schedule that works best for your particular needs. Many people like the convenience of paying once a year, but others find twice a year or even a monthly schedule to be preferable.

What You Will Receive as a Sponsor

  • A photograph of your sponsored child
  • Correspondence at least once a year from your sponsored child and the opportunity to write back to them
  • Joy in your heart for giving a child hope for a better future

Not ready to sponsor?

You can provide a one-time scholarship! This will help a child on our waiting list to attend school. 

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